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Veganuary at Wagamama.

I'm ALL about the food so when Wagamama in my hometown of Chichester reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try some of their new Veganuary takeaway menu, I couldn't say no! I'm not a vegan but I throughly enjoyed every part of my meal and I feel like in the future I would be just as satisfied with all-vegan dishes on my next date night. Read on to see what we had...

Scrummy sides

I didn't waste anytime choosing my sides and dived right in with the Vegan Sticky Ribs and let me tell you they were amazing. Made of soy and covered in the yummiest barbecue sauce and fresh ginger you would be mistaken for thinking they were meat!

My go-to gyoza are usually the fried duck ones but in the spirit of Veganuary I opted for the 'yasai' or veggie ones which were just as flavoursome and tasty as their meaty mates. These ones were steamed and came with a lovely dipping sauce.

Two words. Edamame Beans! These little green pods of deliciousness have the perfect moreish bite that keeps on coming just make sure you ask for the chilli garlic salt - you won't regret it...

Now any Waga meal wouldn't be complete without some Wok Fried Greens present. Crunchy tenderstem broccoli, bok choi, garlic and soy sauce - Yum!

Moreish mains

I scoured the menu for quite some time with many vegan options available to try but I decided to settle for my good old favourite - the Yaki Soba which I usually enjoy with salmon or sirloin steak but this one was the yasai one and the absence of meat was forgotten as I dived in and shoved fork after fork of my favourite dish into my mouth. It was bursting with flavours and contains thin noodles, mushroom, egg, peppers, beansprouts, white & spring onion, fried shallots, pickled ginger & sesame seeds.

Delicious desserts

Now although this item wasn't vegan, the lovely people at Wagamama Chichester popped in a little something extra for us. If you haven't tried the Yuzu & Lemon Tart yet you're missing out because man that stuff is good!

Just to finish off the evening I also enjoyed one of their fresh juices which I always go for when I dine in there. This time I tried 'positive' which was both yummy & very releavant.

A huge thank you to Charlene & the team for such a lovely meal & a thoughtful treat, I look forward to dining in again soon. Although we can't go out right now, this was the perfect treat for a midweek meal in.

Big love,

Jade Xx

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