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Turning two.

Two years. 24 months. 104 weeks. 730 days. No matter how you like to say it, turning two is a milestone to be celebrated. When I started The Little Blog of Life two years ago today, I had no expectations of where it would go. I just knew I craved a safe space on the internet to share advice, stories, laughs & places. I had always admired those who blogged, I love to read and writing came naturally to me. At first I didn't even know if anyone would ever read them but that wasn't the reason why I created it. I had a creative outlet on this little corner of the web that was all mine.

My first ever post on Instagram!

The past

So far my blog has accompanied me to some pretty amazing places! Croatia, Rome, Malta, Cornwall and Australia! I love nothing more than travelling to new cities capturing all the culture and charm and then coming back to write a post all about my adventures complete with about 1,000 photos of my trip. For me, one of life's greatest gifts is the gift of sharing the places that we've been and recommending, for example, a great restaurant, cup of coffee or sunset spot!

In my time, I have taken MANY pictures of my coffee, cake, breakfast, lunch and dinner at amazing restaurants such as The Oxo Restaurant (check out my Instagram feed for all the foodie pics!) I have shared beauty & skincare secrets, journalling tips and the cooking how to's.

Celebrating the blog's first birthday in Australia.

The present

Since returning back from Australia in January, then the country going into lockdown in March of 2020, my posts have taken a different approach leaning now towards self help, advice and guidance for others. I used my safe space to help others through tough times, we've all had a bit of a turbulent year and I took pride in the fact that my little blog of life could help a person in need.

If you've read any of my other posts you'll know that I have suffered with my own bought of anxiety and panic attacks in the past few months - something which was alien to me before the events. I found that sharing my experiences and talking about them out loud really helped and allowed me to process what was going on inside my mind. The love, support and amazing responses I received have filled me with happiness and I draw on the strength and kindness of others when I'm feeling a little low.

The future

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" - Eleanor Roosevelt. None of us know exactly what the future holds, the world we live in now feels more uncertain than it ever has. However, I truly believe that half the battle is knowing what you want, where you're going, what you want to achieve on this earth. For me this is simple; meet the guy (already with him), fall in love (check!), buy a house to make our home (pending), get married, have some babies... Grow old together.

The best part about writing your own blog is that you can decide which direction you'd like to focus your energy. When I get engaged one day, I will write all about my proposal, plans for the wedding and tips to share with other brides. And then one day, following into a pregnancy & first time Mum blog when the time presents itself...

So thank you for reading my posts and for supporting my journey. A lot really can change in a year and who knows, I may be writing this post next year from the comfort of my own living room...

Big love, as always,

Jade Xx

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