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Sublime Point Walking Track | NSW

James and I love a good hike and we were recommended to head to Sublime Point to check out the walking track there. This track is NOT for the faint hearted, the sign at the top even says "Fit walkers only" and they weren't kidding. 860m of steep ladders, steps for days and minimal hand rails to cling onto - even I will admit it was tough!

Sublime Point lookout is just what it says on the tin - sublime. You have to see it to believe it but the views seem to go on forever and the colours are so vivid and beautiful. From where we were staying in Engadine it was only a short 19km drive south which took us just over half an hour. There was no entry fee and the parking here is free. There are accessible toilets and a restaurant with a cracking view, however this is only open Wednesday - Sunday.

We parked at the lookout point and descended the track from the top winding down the narrow escarpment with very little to hold onto if you lost your footing. There we're several sets of steep ladders at the start of the trail which were a challenge and not for the vertigo sufferers!

The trail was well worth the cardio and shortness of breath. It was great exercise and worked every muscle in the legs both going down and then back up again. Once you get through most of the steep ladders and thousands of steps you're greeted with the greenest and most amazing jungle of palm leaves and tall trees. With the light streaming through the trees from above and the silence and stillness of the surroundings it's hard not to feel at one with nature.

My advice to you if you tackle this trek would be take LOTS of water as although you are undercover it's still rather warm under there and those steps will get you panting. Take some snacks and something sugary for a little energy boost and don't attempt this climb in the height of summer for obvious reasons. Also there are lots of funnel web spider burrows so keep your eyes peeled!

Here's a cheesy picture of me looking pleased as punch that I managed to complete the ascent without seeing my lunch again. Thank you James who kept my spirits up with lots of motivational quotes such as "You can do this" and "You're doing so well, keeping going almost there!" - I wouldn't have got to the top without you!

So pleased I made it to the top!

My motivator

If you fancy checking out the track for yourself, here is the link.

Big love,

Jade Xx

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