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Small wins & little moments of joy.

Hello you lovely bunch. How are you? How are you feeling? What's happening in your world right now?

I recently shared some Instagram stories and polls asking my followers if they'd be interested in reading some blogs about creating little moments of joy and celebrating small wins. I have been feel enthusiastically upbeat & positive the last few days and instead of keeping this to myself I wanted to share it with the world. (my followers) After all the best way to make yourself feel happy is to raise others up! So many people have contacted me and told me that they're "loving my positivity" recently which honestly means the world, so thank you.


Celebrating small wins & little victories

I truly believe that in life we must make a fuss of not only the huge successes in our lives but also the tiny moments of victory. For me these can be anything that makes me feel proud of myself. Some examples; hitting my daily FitBit step goal, getting my poached eggs juuust right, making the perfect cup of coffee with my Moka pot or perfecting my winged eyeliner. These little celebrations happen every day and the more you start to recognise and acknowledge them, the more frequently they will appear.

We are all unique and what seems like a win to me may seem irrelevant to you, of course. Perhaps keep a note of them as they appear in your phone notes and tally how many times they happen in a week. You'll be surprised how great this practice makes you feel and it brings a new sense of purpose and fulfilment to your days.

Noticing the little moments of joy

Just like with the small wins in your day there are also loads of little moments that bring a feeling of happiness & joy. For me when I first realise this happening a huge smile spreads across my face and I feel all happy inside, yet it's over the smallest thing. Mine are as simple as a cosy fire in the evenings where the red wine tastes just right, my lovely old lady of a dog is affectionately curled up on my lap and everything just feels safe and right.

As with the victories in your day, the more you pay attention to these feelings of joy and contentment, they more they will show themselves to you. Whether you are spiritually inclined and believe that the universe gives us back what we give out, or not is entirely your choice.

Another way to create more of these moments in your life is to practice gratitude for them daily for the more that you thank The Universe, the higher power, God - whatever you want to call it - the more it will show you. A fantastic podcast for this is Fearne Cotton's Happy Place episode where she interviews Gabriella Bernstein - author of 'The Universe Has Your Back' and 'Super Attractor' (which I am half way through reading!). You can find the podcast here. I suggest you grab your headphones and your furry, four legged friend and go for a walk with this bad boy in your ears... Mind-blowing stuff!

I'd love to hear your stories so reach out to me via the get in touch page!

Big love as always,

Jade Xx

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