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My healthy skin secrets.

I don't know about you but I feel like I've tried EVERY skincare brand under the sun. From the most expensive to the most affordable. The most advertised to the most awarded. Do you think any of them actually did what they claimed to have done? Nope. I dread to think how much money I have wasted over the years on cleansers and creams and face masks that quite frankly were a load of old rubbish. Do you ever stop and wonder what's actually in the products you're slathering all over your face? Your face is the first thing that people will see and you only get given one, so you better look after it! You can imagine my joy when I finally discovered, or rather was introduced to THE most amazing skincare brand on the planet, in my personal opinion. I feel so passionately about these products that I felt compelled to share my skincare secrets with you all, and the best part... It's not a secret!

About the brand

These products, like the entire brand, are vegan-certified, gluten free, cruelty free botanically-based and bloody amazing if you ask me! This company is a certified B Corporation meaning that it puts the planet and people above profits. This brand is environmentally friendly, sustainable and bans 2,000 (read that again!) harmful chemicals that are usually found in our everyday cosmetic, personal care and skincare products. They are engineered by top scientists who combine the very best of science & nature to create a consumable product that actually works. They are created to Swiss beauty standards with pure, safe & beneficial ingredients that are ideal for use on the whole family. This brand is Arbonne.

My journey

I became an Independent Consultant with this brand in August 2019 when a close friend recommended I take a look at the skincare range. I borrowed a range called 'Calm' from her personal collection for a week and was sold. Not only did these products smell AMAZING and do wonders for my skin, I knew that I was putting something on my face that was not only plant-based and safe but also affordable. Did you know that what you put on your skin enters the bloodstream in 26 seconds?! I know I was shocked too! I asked her how I could get my hands on my own set and she recommended that because of my passion for beauty & skincare and my love of blogging and social media, that I join the brand and create a business of my own.

Being an Independent Consultant just means that I used and loved the products so much that I wanted to share and recommend them to others and create an extra income stream in doing so.

Healthy skin from the inside out

Arbonne's ethos is 'Healthy skin from the inside out' and they really do have something for every skin type. There is our best-selling and longest standing range RE9 Advanced for mature skin, Calm for sensitive skin, RE9 Advanced Brightening for dull skin, RE9 Advanced Prepwork for skin in need of a glow, Clear Future for acne prone/teenage skin, Bio Hydria for dry skin and there is even a range for men - RE9 Advanced for men. Not forgetting the brand new SuperCalm range for stressed, worn out skin.

Arbonne are fully transparent and every product range comes with an ingredients policy so that you know exactly what you're putting on your face. There is also a 45 day money guarantee so even if you buy your set and you don't totally love it (highly unlikely!) Arbonne will pay you back in full.

This brand really does speak for itself. I know that I will be using these incredible products for the rest of my life and would encourage anyone I know to give them a try. We can all get stuck in a skincare rut, believe me I've been there but I promise you that if you give these bad boys a chance you'll full head over heels in love with the way they make you feel and everything this global brand stands for. I know I did! I can now confidently say that I am now living in the best skin of my life all thanks to Arbonne and I feel fabulous.

Make up free & confident because of Arbonne.

If you'd like to try anything for yourself just give me a holla, I'd love nothing more than to share this brand with you!

Big love,

Jade Xx

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