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Looking After Number One

Do you ever get that feeling like you've got 'too many tabs open', too much to do and not enough time, endless to-do lists? In between a full time job, staying active, seeing friends and family and general 'life admin', there doesn't seem to be much time for YOU.

I went to my local GP and she suggested a few things to help me 'switch off' and take some time back for myself. On her list where things like, using the Headspace app to practice mindfullness, talking to a counsellor and exercising regularly. Also on her list was to practice

Yoga, which was how I found LANO. They are a dedicated Yoga brand with two studios based in Chichester and Southsea offering a variety of classes for beginners all the way through to advanced Yogis. There really is something for everyone, no matter what your age or ability. As recommended, my first class at LANO was 'Flow' which is wonderfully relaxing and uses the breath to aid the postures and calm the mind. Once I got a little braver I ventured into a 'Forrest' class, and let me tell you, it was no walk in the park! Practiced at a temperature of 25-30 degrees with some pretty intense postures to master, be prepared to get your sweat on.

I used to do a yoga class every few weeks when I was in college and over time, lost touch with it. I always really enjoyed both the relaxation element of it and the stretching and postures. So when my doctor suggested Yoga I jumped at the idea and the first place I thought of was LANO - I signed up the same day!

LANO stands for Look After Number One - As soon as I found this out, I loved the idea even more as I felt I was really doing something for myself. I had no idea at this point how much Yoga would benefit. I felt calmer, more in control of my moods, I was able to handle stress and pressure with a new-found positivity making my days at work much more productive. Those were just the mental benefits, physically my body felt less tense, softer almost and much more flexible. It benefited my other workouts too allowing me to push myself harder and then stretch out my muscles efficiently afterwards.

It really is so important to look after yourself and make yourself number one every now and then. Having an excuse to leave your phone alone for an hour and really connect to your mind and body - observing thoughts, feelings and emotions - through mindfullness is such a great feeling and one I will continue to practice.

Thank you to the amazing team at LANO for making me feel so welcome, I can't wait to sign up for my membership and incorporate my Yoga practice into my weekly workouts!

Big love,

Jade Xx

See website here.

The beautiful Chichester studio.

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