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It's all about you.

We made it through January (the world's longest month) hurrah, and now we're half way through February! What was it like for you? Mine was a roller coaster to say the least, but I can say that I am happy and relieved now that it's finally over.

I realised as I was riding the roller coaster last month, looking after and supporting everyone else, that I had forgotten to look after myself. Anyone else know the feeling? The one where you're like "When was the last time I did a face or hair mask?", "I can't remember the last time I did some exercise for me and not for the benefit of someone else"... Ringing any bells? So I ask you all, "What do you do for yourself?"

Everyone is different. To some 'self-care' means going to a coffee shop at the weekend with a good book and switching off. For others, like me mother, it means getting all geared up and going for a long early morning bike ride. This kind of taking care of yourself is SO important for your sanity and mental wellbeing because we can all get so wrapped up in our to-do lists and supporting others that suddenly you realise you haven't taken off your VERY chipped nail varnish or plucked your eyebrows for far too long...

If you've read my previous blogs, you'll know that I joined Lano Yoga at the end of last year for a month and I LOVED it! I've since joined again and I'm trying to go 2-3 times a week, prioritising practicing Yoga over working out at the gym (something which I'm getting better at but still feel uncomfortable doing). Do what works for YOU. I've been mixing it up doing a few Flow classes, a Forrest class and either an hour or so in the gym or a lunch time circuit training class in a week. This for me is the perfect combination, especially as they balance each other out so well. The gym makes me stronger and more able to hold the poses in Yoga and Yoga helps me to stay flexible and supple so I can do more in my workouts.

Whatever it is that you like to do for yourself, do it at least once a week if nothing else. A friend of mine said to me recently "You're so busy doing stuff for other people, you need to do something for you!" Thank you for looking after me, you know who you are!

Big love,

Jade Xx

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