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How to: Compartmentalise your day.

For some, these days in lockdown seem to fly by in a flash. For others they crawl along at a less than appealing pace. I have found that since I have started to view my days in a different way, I have been more productive (I know lockdown isn't a productivity competition but I enjoy staying busy), more focused and more relaxed. I found that breaking down my day in this way allowed me to not become overwhelmed or anxious about what lay ahead. I felt selfish keeping this to myself so I wanted to share my new found knowledge with you lovely lot. Read on for more info...


Step 1

Identify the main components of your day. What do you need to achieve? What meals will you eat? How much water will you drink? What exercise or movement will you do? What emails or laptop work needs finishing?

Step 2

Break this down into the following categories:

  • Wake up/'You' time

  • Fuelling your body (eating)

  • Moving your body

  • Digital time

  • Creative time

  • Social time

  • Wind down time

Step 3

Get specific. What does 'you' time entail on that particular day? Will you give yourself an at home facial? Will you read a book in bed in the morning before starting your day?

If you're trying to eat well what meals have you planned out for that day? Do you have all the ingredients that you need or will you have to go to the shop?


Below I have created a mock up of what my day looks like as an example, and below a black template for you to fill out.

My day

Your free printable template

Stay safe. More posts coming soon!

Big love,

Jade Xx

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