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Hey, it's okay.

When I was younger, like most young girls, I used to read Glamour magazine. They would always have this section called "Hey, it's okay" where people would right in to the magazine about things going on in their lives that they thought wasn't okay to talk about, so this particular blog goes like this...

Hey, it's okay...

  1. If you're 25 and don't have your s**t together.

  2. That you called in sick to work because you almost had a breakdown and needed to look after your mental state.

  3. If everyone around seems to be getting engaged, married, buying a home or popping out kids and you still live at home.

  4. Not to be okay, like ALL the freaking time. We all have days where we just snap.

  5. That the very best part of your day is changing into your PJ's the second you get home - What is autumn for anyways?

  6. If, sometimes and only sometimes, you question your very existence and your purpose in life (totally me right now).

  7. That you admit to being vulnerable, needy, down and sad. This year has been beyond bonkers, it's affected us all in our own ways.

  8. If all you want to do in the evenings is curl up in bed, candles on, binging Netflix until you fall asleep.

  9. That when you were 20 you thought your life would look so different to how it does now and for now, you're not okay with that. Things that are meant to be will find a way to be.

  10. If you're reading these and the majority apply to you. Hey, it's all okay and it's all going to be okay in the end. You're strong, you're a badass and you will come through the other side of this! (I needed to hear that myself, typing it felt awesome!!)

Three tips for coping

- Lean on friends & family for support. "I'll get by with a little help from my friends" (and family) - This has never rung so true. Find those people who love you no matter what, who have your back and who don't judge you for having an 'off day' (or month!).

- Look after number one - YOU! Don't be so hard on yourself, if you need to take the day off just to be, to feel your emotions, to cry if you need to cry just do it. (I'm writing this from my bed right now, I called in sick to work and took the day for myself to reset). Do something nice for yourself; a hair mask, a face mask, paint your nails, binge your favourite Netflix series in your PJ's without any shame. Take it easy, you're doing a great job.

- Read about other's journeys. I find reading about other people's mental health journeys really inspiring and they give you a great insight into that person's life without the filters or the perfect social media feeds. My Mental Health Story by the ever-beautiful Beth Sandland is a great read. I bumped into Beth in a tiny suburban mall in Manly when living in Australia last year and she's such a beautiful soul and the reason I started this blog!

Sending big love & hugs to those going through tough times, this too shall pass.

Jade Xx

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