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Gold Coast on a budget

Are you travelling Australia and looking to visit the Gold Coast but think it's out of reach? Keep reading.

We desperately wanted to visit Queensland before our trip ended so we were given a $AUD 1,000 limit for flights, accommodation and transport and the challenge was if it all came in within budget we could go. All in all the trip came in at $AUD 895 saving $AUD 105 for food and snacks. Here's how...

Segment your budget

Start by splitting up your budget to roughly the following:

Flights: One quarter of your budget

Accommodation: Half of your budget

Transport: One quarter of your budget

This will ensure that you're allocating the appropriate amount to each section, keeping you in budget.

Use Skyscanner to book your flights

The trick with flights is to use a comparison site like Skyscanner that finds the best flights for the dates, times and budget you've entered. We spent a good couple of hours searching for the best price, knowing that we wanted to utilise our time on the Gold Coast well. Our outbound flight from Sydney was at 17:10, the flight is only 1 hour 30 minutes then because of the time difference the clocks go back by 1 hour. This meant that by the time we arrived at our accommodation it was time for bed, but we did avoid the early doors, sleepy eyed 6am flight feeling!

Top tip

Be willing to travel at the unpopular times of day for the best price.

Scout out the best accommodation for your budget

At first we looked into hostels on the Gold Coast both near the airport and further up the coast, and there are some fantastic hostels with great facilities well within any travellers budget, but to be honest hostels aren't our style. At this stage we had exhausted all the cheaper options so checked a few hotels for last minute deals, but sadly had no luck as they were all way outside of our budget.

Just as we thought we'd never go, I had a brainwave to check AirBnB, our usual favourite type of accommodation, and we found the perfect space for what we were looking for which came in at only just over half our budget! We couldn't believe our luck and booked it straight away in case it disappeared. The space was a modern 'granny annex' on the back of a very large and very grand house, perfect for 2 people who were only using this as a base and somewhere to sleep. It featured most of the amenities we needed, however there were a few essentials missing that were quickly brought to us by the host as needed.

Top tip

Be prepared to stay in somewhere smaller and less 'fancy' as you're only really there to sleep!

Getting around

The Gold Coast, like most of Australia is great for transport. There are buses, trams and Ubers all over the place so you'll never struggle to get home. Please note that unlike the buses in NSW, where we were only took cash so make sure you have some with you at all times.

The Gold Coast is a big place and everywhere is walkable if you're up for the exercise. Google maps is my go-to in a new place, I would be so lost without it (pun totally intended!).

Top tip

If you can walk it, do it because you'll see so much more and remember to look up! The skyline is pretty impressive.

It would be totally remiss of me to write a blog about visiting the Gold Coast without mentioning our most favourite find, Pancakes On The Rocks! Forget any preconceptions of what you thought were the "best pancakes you've ever had", these will knock that right out the park...

We loved this place SO much we went back a second time for even more pancake goodness, and despite the calorie intake it is SO worth every mouthful. A must visit for sure!

Thanks for reading.

Big love,

Jade Xx

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