• Jade Rideout

For the love of Autumn.

I LOVE AUTUMN. There's just something about it. The cosiness, the changing of the seasons, the idea of 'letting go'.

Here are a list of my favourite things about the fall season:

The colours of the changing leaves. I love nothing more than going for a woodland walk, stomping through the crunchy leaves, picking up big handfuls and throwing them in the air to watch them fall back down to earth - There's definitely something childlike about this action...

Big knitted jumpers & autumn fashion - Cue wool coats and boots!

I have always loved fall fashion. One of the most exciting times of the year for me is when I go up into the loft to get down all of my big knitted jumpers, blazers, jeans and roll necks.

I'm also a huge boot lover and have 12 pairs of ankle boots, 3 pairs of knee high boots and a pair of wellies!

Warming up with a hot chocolate or pumpkin spiced latte. I'm a tea-lover but I usually have one coffee per day, and as soon as autumn comes it has to be a Pumpkin Spiced Latte (I know, how basic b***h am I?!)

However buying a latte every day can become expensive so this year - as I'm saving my ass off for a house - I've invested in some pumpkin spiced syrup to make my own at home. I chose the sugar free one from The Skinny Food Co which you can buy on Amazon right here. You're very welcome!

Getting cosy with my partner. Autumn evenings for us mean watching Game of Thrones back to back, cuddling under the duvet and enjoying a family roast every Sunday at his. I really missed these cosy evenings when we lives in Australia last fall, even though it was a little warmer and sunnier there... There's no place like home.

Lighting all the candles I can find! You can't beat a candle in my opinion, they make the room smell amazing, they give off the most beautiful light and they make you feel so calm and at peace. The first thing I do when I get home is light all my candles in my bedroom, it really does brighten up the long, dark evenings. I'm loving the autumn collection from Sara Jane Candles right now!

What are you loving about this season?

Big autumn love,

Jade Xx

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