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Dinner by the Thames

Last night I had the privilege of dining at The Oxo Restaurant on the banks of the River Thames. I had been invited by my Dad to join him at a business seminar with his company, and a posh dinner was one of the main perks of the trip, and something I'd been very looking forward to.

The decor was stylish and classy, not to mention the stunning views of The Thames at sunset and by night as the skyline lit up with lights and colour as Pride in London is taking place this Saturday. They had an extensive drinks menu but a glass of rose was what I fancied and I had been keen to try Whispering Angel for some time.

Whispering Angel rosé

For starter I had deep fried truffle burrata with heritage tomatoes, basil gel, tomato and fennel jam, sumac which was incredible, who knew deep fried cheese could be so good!

Deep fried truffle burrata

This was followed by possibly the best fish I've EVER eaten; stone bass with fresh morels, asparagus, Madeira cream. A firm recommendation from me if you're a fish person.

Stone bass fillet

I've got a massive sweet tooth so dessert for me is always a must. I chose the raspberry cheesecake which instead of a biscuit base it was more like flapjack, a nice touch and very tasty.

Raspberry cheesecake

My dad ordered the biggest dessert on the menu (of course!) which I regret not choosing now. The Valrhona Chocolate Plate came with four mini chocolate inspired portions each delicious in their own right.

The Valrhona Chocolate Plate

As a foodie it was a pleasure to dine here and something I'd been looking forward to for weeks. Admittedly I'd been looking on their social media since I found out we were going here to get a glimpse of the dishes, and had already chosen what I wanted on the menu. I like to build the anticipation!

Big love,

Jade Xx

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