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30 Days to Healthy Living | Arbonne

Everyone strives for a healthy life and healthy living programs seem to be advertised everywhere. I have always eaten well, exercised regularly and rarely consume alcohol. My mother is an ex-British triathlete so since my brother and I were children we've always led active, healthy lifestyles and for this I am grateful.

There is a myth that to being healthy means being "skinny", but to me healthy means that you are comfortable in your own skin, you look well and you body receives the nutrients it needs to function every day. I have always tried to maintain a healthy body and mind throughout my life which - if we're being honest - was A LOT easier in my late teens. I seemed to be able to eat and drink what I wanted without it effecting me. Now that I have reached my mid-twenties I am finding that I have to keep a closer eye on what I consume and exercise a lot harder and more often. All the while the main aim is to be healthy, happy and body confident which I have had my struggles with in the past few years - cellulite, stretch marks and all that jazz.

SO this is where Arbonne's 30 Days to Healthy Living comes in. I have been an Independent Consultant with them for just over 3 months nows and have always been intrigued by this program. Before embarking on this journey I have done a lot of research on the success of the program and am so impressed and thought to myself "I think this could be the thing for me!". First and fore-mostly may I get out the way (for all the worried friends & family back in the UK!) THIS IS NOT A DIET!! It is a cleverly put together set of products and a system to detox the body and reset the gut.

It rids the body of toxins which is achieved by removing common allergens from your diet such as wheat/gluten/yeast, dairy, sugar/artificial sweeteners, alcohol, coffee, vinegar and soy for 30 days. This in term promotes the following health benefits both inside and out: Increased energy, breaks the weight loss plateau, wave goodbye to bloating, gets your digestion back on track, improves sleep, clears up your skin, corrects gut health, teaches healthy habits and SO MUCH MORE!

What you get

  • 2 x bags of vegan protein - Choose from vanilla or chocolate

  • 2 x boxes of Energy Fizz Sticks - Choose from pomegranate or citrus

  • 2 x boxes of Detox Herbal Tea

  • 1 x box of Digestion Plus

  • 2 of the following - Body Cleanse, Greens Balance or Daily Fibre Support

Vegan Protein Powder

20 g of easy to digest vegan protein per serving, derived from peas and rice. Supplemented with over 20 vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin E and magnesium, to support overall health, energy and wellbeing.

Vegan Protein Powder

Energy Fizz Sticks

Helps promote endurance when you start to feel tired. Low calorie; Citrus and Pomegranate feature natural flavours, cane sugar, and stevia. Use as a replacement for coffee and caffeinated products.

Energy Fizz Sticks

Detox Herbal Tea

Mild herbal tea, formulated without caffeine, with six botanicals supports the liver and kidneys. Milk thistle supports the liver. Peppermint and liquorice root help soothe and calm the stomach. Dandelion root supports the kidneys. Sweet fennel, an antioxidant, supports the maintenance of good health.

Detox Herbal Tea

Digestion Plus

Daily dietary supplement featuring prebiotics, probiotics (Bacillus coagulans), and enzymes to support optimal digestive health. Delivered in a readily absorbed powder form and offered in convenient stick packs.

Greens Balance Created from key blends that offer nutritional benefits otherwise only found by eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables:

- Greens, such as spirulina and kale, contain chlorophyll and vitamins A, K and E.

- Reds, such as pomegranate and cherry, provide antioxidants such as vitamin C, flavonoids, and polyphenols.

- Yellows, such as pumpkin and carrot, contain vitamins A and C, along with antioxidant bioflavonoids and alpha and beta carotenes.

- Blues, such as blueberry and blackcurrant, are sources of antioxidants, resveratrol and vitamin C.

Greens Balance & Digestion Plus

Daily Fibre Boost Delivers 12 g of fibre in each serving, representing nearly half of the recommended daily allowance. Heat resistant blend of gluten free grain and fruit fibres can be added to hot or cold food, beverages, or baked goods. Made from Arbonne’s soluble blend of peas, apples, citrus fruits, and beetroot fibre; won’t change the flavour or texture of food.

Daily Fibre Boost

All this comes with access to meal plans, a shopping list, recipes and help and coaching from you Arbonne Upline and mentors. If this sounds like something your body could benefit from, get in touch!

Follow my journey on Instagram and my brand new YouTube channel as I embark on this adventure to a healthier version of myself for the next 30 days and beyond, see you on the other side...

Big love,

Jade Xx

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