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Hi there, I'm so pleased to meet you!

As long as I can remember I've always loved to read and write. Diary entries, letters, cards to loved ones and I've even started two blogs previous to this that didn't take off. As a child you'd always find me with my nose in a book, usually a romance - I'm a hopeless romantic and sucker for the mushy stuff. So, you could say I grew up in a fantasy world where happy endings existed and the guy always got the girl. Like I tell people I grew up surrounded by fairytales and Disney movies with a love of Shakespeare on the side!

As I got older I found my creativity and my passion for writing and reading got stronger and I needed a creative outlet, and so The Little Blog of Life was born. All I knew was that I wanted to pour my brain out on paper whether people where going to read it or not and as writing and a flair for English Language came naturally I thought to myself "What have I got to lose?". I'll admit at first I thought only a handful of family members and friends would read the occasional post which was fine as this blog was my outlet anyway and I never intended for it to be big. Fast forward 1 year and things have changed A LOT!

I was 23 at the time I started the blog and Instagram page and had no idea that a year later I would leave the UK and travel to Australia, adding a whole new element to the blog. On top of the travel I had just set up my own side business as an Independent Consultant with Arbonne - a brand which I am now passionate about sharing with anyone who will listen!

So that's my story so far. A hopeless romantic, book loving blogger who loves to connect with like-minded people and write about this crazy ride we call life!

I hope my posts on this little slice of the internet resonate with you in some way, and if they do I'd love to know so get in touch! 

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